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I am quiet, soft mind; I believe people & I love my earth so much. I like truth and dislike fake.
My hobby is stroll I have visit 54 dist in Bangladesh and 4 dist in India. I hope I make a journey from china to Moscow by The train and I have been stopped for 2 days every city station on my way.



My favorite city is Chittagong where I was live in lot of time, I like Kumira sea beach, that not likes Patanga its different there was a lot of Coconuts tree every day evening I was sitting under a tree sea water that undulating and touch my foot softly.

I don't like Cox Bazar because, all are there commercials & busy. But taknaf is exceptional.
Then my most favorite municipality is Agartalla in India because People of Agartalas is so well minded from Kulkata. Rabindar kanon where I had gone regularly every sunday.   

Comilla is beautiful city.  I was born there, I have lot of friends in Comilla. Darmasagor, Nilachal pahar, Gomitir paar,Shalban bihar, mayna moti, Lalmai pahar, kali bazar road, I like these places so much.


My favorite person I don't find now, I want she will be exceptional, different, beautiful thinking, deeply eyes her ideas will be best from me.  

Rabindranath, Bhibhotibhuson banddapadday, Sunil gangupaddday, Matrio Devi, Samarash Mojomdar is my favorite writers.  

I like to hear also song, My favorite singer is Udit narayan, Alka yagnik, kabita kisnomorti, Chitra sing, Hari haran, jagajeet sing, srikanto, rupankar, Pankaj udas, Habib.

In My childhood I had written a lot of poem,

Amar Lankay àsho

Pabe kather bàra

Golpatar chawni dià
lanka amar gora,

Ram nài sham nài
nài shatrota.
Làngka bangar moto
kàho nài atha.

Ai Langkar Rabon ami
Valobashi Bhai.
sapna nài shinghason nai
shukha achi tai.

Meaning of  poem
lets come in My Lanka
You will get Timber of fame.
All Lanka Made by Golpata.
There is no ram No Laksham
No any enimy of lanka.

That’s way  there is no any body -

able to broken My lanka.

I m lord of my Lanka.

I have no dream, No crown.

So that I m happy with my lanka.

Poem writing it is one of my hobby. Now This time sometimes I have to write for magazin, not regularly, just iregularly.  

When I write a poem I try alwas to explain what this poem want to say what is the soul of this poem,

There is another poem......  


I am running because of storm
Where I will go?

No body in there...

I am alone and alone
I am running across the dream
I am seeing dark and dark,
And one side sin and side is wisdom
Which one is my way, I couldn’t decide on.
But I have to decide….

In this moment
I ve gotten a Temple and a church
Without decide I am chosen my near church
I am entered there, by the door......
I am happy to protect my life.
But somebody crying here
Sudden church roof had flown.

I had gotten fear,
I feel that my all the door has closed already
I can’t get out from here
I am watching through the church window
The temple is enough strong till now

I got shocked
And Try to find
What is wrong what is right?


For more poem you have to go................    

I started designing since 2000; actually it was my one of the hobby. In 2000 I had gone in India. My cousin is a Graphics Designer. I have seen their Graphics Technology how does they make a layout with using software, how does they make an output for client. My cousin inspires me to develop my own creativity because I knew How to make an artwork sketch. I had confident. 

My first output is Rabindranath Kabita samagro Cover page. Then I did lots of design for Bangladesh and Denmark. My best work is Chaiti fashion, Supreme Air condition, Ray.ban, Ibco Samosa, Maxim Australia, etc. Now it has been exciting challenging.

This my one of the design


For more design  


We have gotten extra layout training from Herald Johnson who is the one of the famous designer in Denmark. Although he was born in Norway, but he is famous in Denmark. His wife Toril a good designer, She is a good designer. Who participates in Leonardo the Vinci Art Excavations in Paris.

I have learned lot of things from them. Herald Johnson inspires me always to develop myself, he is happy to see my design. He told me if I get opportunity I will be one of the best designer. This inspires
works in my mind always.

I respect them. I love them who inspire me to develop myself.  

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